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Welcome to!

Wow, long time no see, huh? Yeah, it’s certainly been a while, and a lot of things have changed. I suppose I might as well start there.


My Dark Sun / Mantis dude portfolio page is now updated, and barring any further issues, it’s done. Now I can proceed with Operation J.O.B. G.E.T. (an acronym, incidentally, for “Jerome, Outlook Bleak? Gain Employment Terrific!”). Some links to share: Feet of Clay Once upon a time, I very much enjoyed the blog of game […]

Mantis dude WIP

As proof that I am pretty rubbish at this blog thing, here is a post I meant to write well over a week ago. So, only a few days after my second post in this blog, in which I proudly declared my portfolio site to be complete, I decided that this was not, in fact, […]

Ye Olde Grande Opening

Ladies and germs, welcome, welcome to this humble internet abode. You’ll have to forgive that I’ve not tidied up yet. Don’t you worry though — as soon as I’m able, I’ll strip out the unnecessary side links and replace them with obnoxious embedded flash widgets. If at all possible, they’ll also play startling ‘beep’, ‘bloop’, […]