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Yeah, hectic like a sloth — w, wait, no

Long time no see, ol’ weblog, ol’ pal! I hope you’ve not been worrying after me, weblog, as I’ve been perfectly fine. Things have merely been busy and hectic lately, is all. Some months ago I was fancifully working on my first FPS map, for Team Fortress 2, and considering dabbling with the Python programming […]

Under sun and sky, outlander

I’ve taken some time out of the project I was working on —an earnest attempt at a custom Team Fortress 2 map— to work on what you see to the right. It may look familiar to anyone who enjoyed Morrowind; these are the masks worn by the Ordinators of the city of Vivec, though obviously […]

The Surreptitious Midnight Exploits of Clyde Blackravyn, 11th Generation Toreador

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve been playing through Vampire: Bloodlines, which I purchased for the meager sum of $10 on Steam a good while ago. It’s been a real treat, as this is the most Deus Ex-like non-Deus Ex game I’ve played — including Invisible War. You’re skulking around modern-day LA, hacking […]


My Dark Sun / Mantis dude portfolio page is now updated, and barring any further issues, it’s done. Now I can proceed with Operation J.O.B. G.E.T. (an acronym, incidentally, for “Jerome, Outlook Bleak? Gain Employment Terrific!”). Some links to share: Feet of Clay Once upon a time, I very much enjoyed the blog of game […]

Mantis dude WIP

As proof that I am pretty rubbish at this blog thing, here is a post I meant to write well over a week ago. So, only a few days after my second post in this blog, in which I proudly declared my portfolio site to be complete, I decided that this was not, in fact, […]

Dwarves should never be dainty of fist, okay?

Hello blog. First applications have been sent off. It’s nice to have the website more or less off my shoulders, and no current obligations looming over me. I should enjoy it, as I’m sure it won’t last long. I have been: Researching. Preliminary budgeting. Car research. Keeping an eye on the job boards. Tying up […]