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A Game That I Am Making

Hello! In July of 2013, I became a solo indie game developer. Though I wasn’t able to make a lot of progress for the first few months due to a relocation and other mundane life happenings, I’ve now been plugging away at a game thing, and it’s probably past due that I start talking about […]

Yeah, hectic like a sloth — w, wait, no

Long time no see, ol’ weblog, ol’ pal! I hope you’ve not been worrying after me, weblog, as I’ve been perfectly fine. Things have merely been busy and hectic lately, is all. Some months ago I was fancifully working on my first FPS map, for Team Fortress 2, and considering dabbling with the Python programming […]

A post I meant to write two days ago

This image has nothing to do with this post, but I found it rather lolsome. I unfortunately have no idea whom to attribute it to. WiiWare went live on Monday! Six games were released, and if you’re interested in reading more about them, Wired has good coverage. It seems like a strong beginning, and it’ll […]

The gorgeous trailer of Mirror’s Edge

I’d not heard of this game before. I post it mainly for the beautiful art direction — pristine white spaces accented by shapes of bold, vibrant color. Hopefully the game chiefly sticks to these sort of visuals, and doesn’t spend too much time in the murky dark green color palette we see a flash of […]

Under sun and sky, outlander

I’ve taken some time out of the project I was working on —an earnest attempt at a custom Team Fortress 2 map— to work on what you see to the right. It may look familiar to anyone who enjoyed Morrowind; these are the masks worn by the Ordinators of the city of Vivec, though obviously […]

A little-known indie project you may not have heard of

I really love this new UK GTA IV ad. One. It’s all in-engine footage. It shows confidence in their product that they’re giving it to you straight. It also shows confidence in their audience, I think, that they don’t try to play tricks with hired actors or pre-rendered CG bits. As far as I can […]

Quick news from the Neverwinter front

NWN2 now has a beholder, and an extremely professional-looking one at that! It’s the work of Jonny Ree (that’s what he goes by in forums). He seems to be pretty committed to NWN2, so he’s one to keep your eyes on, if you’re into the NWN2 thang. Right out of the monster manual, it looks […]

The Surreptitious Midnight Exploits of Clyde Blackravyn, 11th Generation Toreador

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve been playing through Vampire: Bloodlines, which I purchased for the meager sum of $10 on Steam a good while ago. It’s been a real treat, as this is the most Deus Ex-like non-Deus Ex game I’ve played — including Invisible War. You’re skulking around modern-day LA, hacking […]


As much as I may want to portray myself as some enlightened connoisseur of interactive digital entertainment (like every other geek with a blog on the net), I can still be a sucker for shameless consumerism in the form of HOT DEALS or DELUXE EDITIONS. So when I saw the Collector’s Edition for Warhammer Online, […]

Yeah, but don’t gaming PCs cost $8000?!

Wow. Check out this ridiculously exhaustive list of 2008 PC games. I’ve not heard of the majority of these; many of them are clearly smaller indie titles, which is itself very exciting. Are we quickly approaching the point where indie studios can really cultivate an audience, stay profitable, and become a significant, entrenched force in […]