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A Game That I Am Making

Hello! In July of 2013, I became a solo indie game developer. Though I wasn’t able to make a lot of progress for the first few months due to a relocation and other mundane life happenings, I’ve now been plugging away at a game thing, and it’s probably past due that I start talking about […]

A post I meant to write two days ago

This image has nothing to do with this post, but I found it rather lolsome. I unfortunately have no idea whom to attribute it to. WiiWare went live on Monday! Six games were released, and if you’re interested in reading more about them, Wired has good coverage. It seems like a strong beginning, and it’ll […]

Content, assets, and the infinite hole at the center of the universe

I saw this article on Game Career Guide yesterday: “Which Artists Will Game Companies Hire?” Quite relevant to my interests. To give the quick run-down, games are damn expensive to make, so outsourcing art assets is becoming increasingly common. To stay in-demand then, the article subject, Carey Chico, executive art director at Pandemic Studios, recommends […]