Welcome to TardyGamer.info!

by Cory

Wow, long time no see, huh?  Yeah, it’s certainly been a while, and a lot of things have changed.  I suppose I might as well start there.

For one, I am no longer an energetic modding lad looking for that open door.  Indeed, circa July 2008, an open door did present itself, and I clambered through eagerly, if a bit clumsily (I nearly knocked over a small table).  I am now gainfully employed at a lovely game studio called Three Rings, based in San Francisco.  We’re mostly known for Puzzle Pirates, which is kind of funny if you look at my portfolio; I don’t think anybody would have expected me to find a fit here.  I fit here rather nicely though, I think, working away on our top secret unannounced game.  In fact, I have difficulty thinking of it any other way at this point in time.

That also means that I’m living in San Francisco now.  Packed up my existence  and left on a jet plane.  This has arguably been the more momentous change; life in San Francisco bears little resemblance to life in Indiana… but I’ll not go into all of that here and now.  It’s amazing though, and like I said, momentous change, most of it for the better, but I also left some good habits back in Indiana.  For instance, I had a massive mp3 collection back there, and was pretty aggressive on exploring new music.  Somehow, that harddrive didn’t survive the move, and my music-listening habits may never be quite what they were.  The more relevant good habit I lost, however, was that of blogging, or any sort of writing.  The exercise of writing is an immensely beneficial process for me — it’s the laboratory where my scattered thoughts are examined, challenged, and hopefully refined down into something that can be usefully communicated.  Its absence has been as though a part of my inner dialogue has been missing.

That brings me to this post, and this blog.  I intend to start posting here again.  I have no Mission Statement, and only a vague idea of what manner of content I’ll fill this space with.  I start from the idea that I will be posting here for selfish reasons.  As I said above, writing is an immensely beneficial process for me, and my writing here will be chiefly for my own benefit.  I hope not to devolve too greatly into frivolous bullshit, but I’d probably not be staying true to myself if I tried to do the serious every-post-is-an-essay sort of thing.  I also have no delusion that I have terribly original thoughts to share, so I’ll try to avoid covering ground that has been well-trodden by greater minds than my own. We’ll see.

One thing that’s certain is that I won’t be your go-to guy for the hottest new games.  My playing schedule often has about a five year lag — to wit, my current big undertakings are Final Fantasy XII (that’s twelve), the first STALKER, and Dragon Quest V on the DS.  I’m not completely lost to the past, mind you, but I don’t feel terribly compelled to be a part of the immediate, contemporaneous game discussion, especially for the AAA blockbusters.  This all means that I’ll have pretty unsatisfying GotY posts, I’m sure.

So, with that, I’ll see you around, you handsome devils.