Yeah, hectic like a sloth — w, wait, no

by Cory

Long time no see, ol’ weblog, ol’ pal!

I hope you’ve not been worrying after me, weblog, as I’ve been perfectly fine. Things have merely been busy and hectic lately, is all. Some months ago I was fancifully working on my first FPS map, for Team Fortress 2, and considering dabbling with the Python programming language. This all was swept to the side though when some opportunities arose. Things really came together all at once last week, when I was suddenly very popular, and within a small handful of days, a number of people contacted me to express interest not only in my past work, but also potential future work. I do mean to eventually return to the TF2 map and to the newbie programming, but for now, I’m seeing where these new rabbit holes will lead me.

Aside from these new rabbit holes, I don’t think I have a lot to talk about. I’ve been on a bit of a WoW kick lately — though I dare not actually re-subscribe to the game (not quite yet anyway)! I’ve got to stay productive, after all. This WoW kick, then, has found form mostly in reading forums and listening to whatever listenable WoW podcasts I can find.

Speaking of MMOs, the main pre-release Warhammer Online community held a career (class) poll, which has received nearly 4000 respondants thus far. Of course, this really only reflects the hardcore enthusiasts, so the Greenskins are probably overrepresented and the more vanilla ‘good’ races underrepresented. Interesting trends though: the tank and healer classes are much more popular than one might expect. I look forward to seeing if this trend continues post-launch, when the most offensively potent options tend to be the most popular.

For the record, I voted for the Knight of the Blazing Sun, one of the poll’s least popular classes. It’s a little ironic, since Warcraft’s humans are, to me, that game’s least attractive option, but what can I say? It’s probably the historically authentic armor that gets me; I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.

I’m sure I’ll try everything at least once though, being the altaholic I am.