A little-known indie project you may not have heard of

by Cory

I really love this new UK GTA IV ad.

One. It’s all in-engine footage. It shows confidence in their product that they’re giving it to you straight. It also shows confidence in their audience, I think, that they don’t try to play tricks with hired actors or pre-rendered CG bits. As far as I can recall, Rockstar has always done this, so props to them for it.

Two. They keep it relevant. You’ve got Niko, the main character, walking through a multitude of locations that I, the player, will experience. Also important, the world is happening around the player character, and that living world simulation is basically THE big thing the GTA series offers.

Three. The style, direction, and that slick LCD Soundsystem track. As someone who’s obviously very invested in games, I greatly appreciate it when gamers aren’t spoken to or presented as a bunch of manbabies who desire, above all else, ham-handed ego-stroking and wish fulfillment. Rockstar makes games for adults and it treats its audience as such.

It’d be nice if the ad ended by simply cutting to a black logo screen rather than the obnoxious HAY BUY A 360, but oh well. I’ll blame that one on Microsoft.