Quick news from the Neverwinter front

by Cory

NWN2 now has a beholder, and an extremely professional-looking one at that! It’s the work of Jonny Ree (that’s what he goes by in forums). He seems to be pretty committed to NWN2, so he’s one to keep your eyes on, if you’re into the NWN2 thang.

Jonny Ree's NWN2 Beholder

Right out of the monster manual, it looks like. It makes me wish I had cause at the moment to pick up Zbrush and, well, put it to use. I imagine that it’s a lot of fun to sculpt out these gross, lumpy characters.

Anyway, it’s really great to see another completely custom creature for NWN2. Along with WhoKilledKubrick’s Kuo-toa model, my golem was one of the first and, as far as I know, only custom creatures to be released for NWN2, and I was despairing a bit that NWN2’s custom content scene was stagnating pretty badly.

Unrelated, but sad, Games for Windows magazine is shutting down. Here’s Editor-in-Chief Jeff Green’s eulogy over on 1up. A twenty seven year history — older than me. All four editors are staying on, and will be concentrating on online content for 1up.com, though the magazine’s two-person art team unfortunately lost their jobs. The podcast won’t be going anywhere either, thankfully.