by Cory

As much as I may want to portray myself as some enlightened connoisseur of interactive digital entertainment (like every other geek with a blog on the net), I can still be a sucker for shameless consumerism in the form of HOT DEALS or DELUXE EDITIONS. So when I saw the Collector’s Edition for Warhammer Online, I was overcome with a minor bout of nerd lust.

I’m not a particular fan of the Warhammer universe (I simply don’t know much about it), but man, that’s some swanky packaging. It includes a graphic novel and a miniature (for the Warhammer tabletop game), but the one physical item I’m particularly interested in is the snazzy hardcover art book — if nothing else, Warhammer is an IP with some killer art. In a move that no doubt stirred up copious controversy on fansite message boards, the Collector’s Edition also includes some in-game perks, such as exclusive quests, exclusive character heads, and a consumable item that will give you a temporary experience-gain bonus.

I lack the disposable income to put money down on it right now, but pre-order or not, I mean to check this game out when it goes live. In the public mind, it still seems to suffer from WoW comparisons, but, taking the developers at their word, the two games diverge in that WAR’s focus and endgame is in its competitive, team-based PvP and territorial conquest. It’s funny, because I generally don’t consider myself a competitive, aggressive player, but there’s something very compelling about casually dropping into a big, epic battle between two player armies.

The ideal I have in my mind is that WAR will be a blend of the strengths of WoW and TF2. The quick gratification and ad-hoc strategizing of TF2, rolled into the persistent RPG systems and communal metagame of WoW. I have no idea if my little dream will be delivered upon (I’m not in beta!), but I certainly look forward to finding out.