Yeah, but don’t gaming PCs cost $8000?!

by Cory

Wow. Check out this ridiculously exhaustive list of 2008 PC games.

I’ve not heard of the majority of these; many of them are clearly smaller indie titles, which is itself very exciting. Are we quickly approaching the point where indie studios can really cultivate an audience, stay profitable, and become a significant, entrenched force in the industry?

Look at all of those Adventure games. My love for the adventure genre has tapered off over the years, but still, it’s somehow very comforting to know that somewhere out there, somebody is still making adventure games, and there is an audience that pays for them. God bless you, you creative weirdos. . . probably all a bunch of Scandinavians, I bet.

Anyway. I want to know more about Eduardo the Samurai Toaster.