by Cory

My Dark Sun / Mantis dude portfolio page is now updated, and barring any further issues, it’s done. Now I can proceed with Operation J.O.B. G.E.T. (an acronym, incidentally, for “Jerome, Outlook Bleak? Gain Employment Terrific!”).

Some links to share:

Feet of Clay
Once upon a time, I very much enjoyed the blog of game designer Dave Rickey, until I went to visit one day and found it mysteriously VANISHED. Now he’s back though, and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend his blog to anybody interested in MMO theory. He is a VERY SMART MAN.

Also returned from the nether, after a long period of having no front page. It’s sort of a comedic digest for the MMO space, from a Flowers of Happiness pedigree. Glad to see them back up and around.

Lots of Valve stuff on the latest episode of Game Trailers TV
I don’t know if any of it is new and exclusive, but I suspect a great many of us are interested in hearing all we can from these developers who can currently do no wrong. There’s good footage of Left 4 Dead, as well as a very brief fly-through of Gold Rush, the next official Team Fortress 2 map.

Warning though: there are some Portal spoilers in Part 2.

Speaking of TF2, I’ve barely played it at all for the past couple weeks, and I really ought to rectify that.