Something about “happy endings”

by Cory

If you’re like me — emphatically not one of the cool kids — you didn’t get invited to the hottest, latest cool kids’ party, the Game Developers Conference. I guess we could crash the party, but let’s face it: we’d probably just get pantsed and pushed into the swimming pool, AGAIN. Rather than face such a humiliating possibility, let’s just stay home, sulk, and live vicariously through internet news reports.

Let me personally recommend 1Up’s awesome podcast coverage. For every day this week, both Games For Windows Radio and 1Up Yours are producing full-length podcasts, wherein they chat up big industry names. For just day one, GFW landed WARREN SPECTOR, and the lesser-known but very entertaining Paul Wedgwood, of Splash Damage. 1Up Yours featured Amy Hennig of Naughty Dog and Lorne Lanning of the Oddworld series. I wasn’t looking forward to this one quite so much, but it shouldn’t be surprising that it turned out to be a very interesting discussion.

I don’t know if this is directly related to GDC, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this . . . stunning music video produced by Insomniac Games. I always love to see the human faces and personalities behind the studio names.

Move out of my parent’s house, you say? Come to Southern California? Golly, I’m sold! Where do I sign up?

. . . Only to check their website, browse to the Careers > Artists section and find “We currently have no positions available in our Art Department. Please check back in the future.” O Insomniac, cruel temptress! It’s enough to make me redouble my sulking efforts, but how can my heart remain cold after viewing this?

Deus Ex, you always know just the right thing to say.