This New Generation of Virtual Combat

by Cory

With the fourth iterations of both the Street Fighter and Soul Calibur franchises approaching, gamers may be asking themselves, “which Japanese fighting game is for me?” Well, you’ve really got to ask yourself one question:

Am I a chest guy. . .

Or a hips/thighs man?

SF4 shots via

Now, you may ask, “what if I am female, or otherwise prefer men?” Why, in that case — HA HA, trick question! You don’t play fighting games.

Naw, just foolin’. I guess it depends on whether you find Voldo or Zangeif sexier.

Me? I think I’ll just pick up Smash Bros. Brawl, as traditional fighters don’t appeal to me a lot anymore. My take is that too much of the meat of the game is tucked away behind a wall of skill and memorization. I’d liken them to a real-time strategy game. Yes, you can go through the single-player campaign, and see what all the little units do, and that’s all fairly fun. To truly experience the core of the game though, you’re going to have to learn the dominant build orders, strategies, and counters, and then try your hand against human opponents.

In contrast, Smash Bros. still has a skill wall, but the majority of the meat is in front of it, not behind it. A beginner player can pick up a controller and perform all of a character’s attacks, though they may not know how to best utilize them. Easy to learn, difficult to master.

Whereas traditional fighters are just plain difficult to learn.