Ye Olde Grande Opening

by Cory

Ladies and germs, welcome, welcome to this humble internet abode. You’ll have to forgive that I’ve not tidied up yet. Don’t you worry though — as soon as I’m able, I’ll strip out the unnecessary side links and replace them with obnoxious embedded flash widgets. If at all possible, they’ll also play startling ‘beep’, ‘bloop’, and ‘click’ noises on mouseover. It’s called Web 2.0, get used to it.

So, I’ve decided to finally make an update here. My portfolio website is complete, barring any errors or minor rewrites I may want to do. I implemented the fourth and final embedded video earlier, on the Clay Golem page. This one demonstrates some of the model’s combat animations. I had wanted to use in-game footage for the combat video, but decided against it. The game refuses to use the supplied animation “event” tag file, so combat hits don’t quite register correctly. Instead I just did a bunch of renders in Max and stitched them together as well as I could.

My resume is effectively complete (though I should perhaps provide a .doc version), so wow, now I just need to compose cover letters.

Oh, I also wanted to touch on what this blog is ABOUT in this here first post. My goal is to stay informal and succinct, because if I let the tone become too formal, I’ll spend too much time composing my thoughts and probably never end up actually updating.

It’s unavoidable that I’ll be making posts about games, so another goal is to confine any criticism to a constructive and respectful tone. There’s nothing to be gained from dismissing other peoples’ hard work, especially if I’m going to be making a career in this industry.

Aside from commentary, I’ll use this space to occasionally dissect and explore my own ideas and thoughts. Or maybe I’ll just post funny YouTube videos. We’ll see.